Advocate Zbignev Jankovski

(Senior Partner)

Legal practice: since 1985

Advocate’s practice: since 2007

Basic legal areas:
Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law, application of the Law on Criminal Intelligence; Administrative Law, representation before courts in criminal and administrative proceedings, representation at the Tax Disputes Committee under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law:
- representation of victims in criminal proceedings

- economic and business crime (smuggling, illegal possession of excise goods)

- financial crime

- white-collar crime (briberies, influence peddling, abuse of function)

- public order offences

- crimes related to illicit disposition of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances

- crimes against property, property rights and property interests (robbery, extortion, swindling, misappropriation or squandering of property)

- offences against personal freedom (human trafficking, illegal restraint)

- road safety related traffic offences (violation of regulations governing operation of vehicles)

- appeal proceedings

- cassation proceedings

- violation of hunting regulations.

Languages: Polish, Russian, Lithuanian.

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